Chopped and Lewd: the Magnum Opus

by Mister Blister



Three young slackerz roam the wasteland of Los Gangales,
their time is spent jamming, raiding liquor stores, and causing trouble for the various corporations and their mercenaries which vie for control over the booming radfuel industry that allows the area to thrive and continue trade with the few other large settlements left in NATO territory

The President has been kidnapped by the boss of all the crime syndicates: William Henry Crudemaster

With their specialized skills, they will do whatever it takes to bring peace and stability to the region and their home: Skateopia.

Erik: Percussion gun knocks back foes, moves fast under pressure
Hank: Vibro-axe decimates structures and vehicles, best planner
Kevin: Bio-mech arms rip cars in half, speaks Neo-Chinese fluently


released October 26, 2014

Hank >>> Guitar/yell
Kevin >>> Drums
Rosario >>> Bass
Beau >>> Engineer
Andy >>> Producer
Rosario/Hank/Whiskey >>> Lyrics



all rights reserved


Mister Blister Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Track Name: 7 Seconds of Freefall
She's outta gas, and falling fast
My mind goes through a crooked past
Better take it all back now
Instead, I'm falling to the ground

At the gates of Hell, at the gates of Hell

Transmutation finally came
My body's mixed with steel and glass
Satan greets with open arms
My wicked deeds gave me a pass

At the gates of Hell, at the gates of Hell
Track Name: 18 Wheeler Cocaine Dealer
Oh yeah, oh no
28 keys comin' down the road

18 wheeler cocaine dealer

Gaddamn smokies comin' down the track
Crack their skulls to keep 'em off my back

18 wheeler cocaine dealer

Bangin' rails with truckstop hunnys
Look at all this fucking money
Track Name: Blinkey
Two cars in every garage
and three eyes on every fish
Giving this waste a place to go
Has gone off without a hitch
Now I look through my bloodshot eyes
and come to see that everything's fine
These extra limbs and glowing skin
Must be a gift from god, alright
Track Name: Let's Dissassociate
We want you
To be two
Of the same when we see you

Complications arise
Before your eyes
Mind warps time
Cutting all ties
Track Name: Grime Travel
Monotony's getting to me
I need to get a grip
It's time to fuel up
and take a little trip

Cuz we're working at liquor stores and pizza places
Going through life perpetually wasted
Never mind stepping on broken glass
Woke up with my head in a pile of trash
and we never can remember your names and faces
Never stop to think where fate my take us
It's about time to break out the stash
Crack some shitty beer, let's kick some ass

So down the line, lost track of time
I don't know where I am
Least I got my bottle, dirt from head to toe
Don't give a damn
Track Name: Sit/Stare
Glazed over, drink in hand
Yer hardly there
Do you like the show?
I don't know
Benzos and done up hair

and if you all just sit and stare
Then why should I pretend to care?
and dance around the gaddamn room
(Well that's the womb right to the tomb!)
So if you all just sit and stare
Then why should I pretend to care?
and dance around the gaddamn room
Well I don't know

Hemorrhaging money, paying for company
You might as well be a bro
Time for a cigarette, now that your whistle's wet
No room to grow
Track Name: Viacom Dios, Mi Amigo
Track Name: Totally Fuxxed!
Broke down and outta luck
Out of cash, completely stuck
Nowhere to go and I've had enough
Totally fucked, totally fucked
Track Name: KevLar Blunted Freestyle (bonus track)
I got a million like you back at the crib
Smoke a blunt wit yo little brotha
Rosie, this is for you